Aromatherapy Scent System

AROMATHERAPY for Walk in Bathtub
Scents for the pleasure
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The first role of aromatherapy is to stimulate and reinforce our bodies' natural defenses by inducing a state of relaxation and general well being of the central nervous system. 

Natural plant extracts known as essential oils are used for aromatherapy. These oils are made through vapour distillation and the careful extraction or pressurization of the fragrant matter contained in the plants. Contrary to common belief, an essential oil does not contain any greasy substances but only the natural secretions contained in the plants' cells.
If you lack energy, choose an invigorating essential oil such as thyme or rosemary, to be used preferably in the morning. These essences are also good for digestive problems. 

Sore and swollen legs: At the end of the day, you have sore feet or heavy and swollen legs, chose an essence for better circulation such as lemon, cypress or juniper. 

Prevent respiratory infections: Feeling a cold or flu coming on? Balsamic or anti-infection essences such as pine or eucalyptus will help you get through the symptoms. 

Insomnia : You have trouble sleeping or need extra rest? Take a relaxing bath with lavender essence oil.
Operation : 
The system works using a pump which leads the air towards the receptacle filled with water added with some essential oil drops. Once the aromatherapy system is turned on, the diffuser projects the natural flavour of the essential oil into the ambient air.