Optimal Frequency Jets / Grounded Walk in Tub

  • Would you like to turn a everyday bath into a natural hot spring experience ??
  • Optimal frequency jets is a proprietary process where we individually ground each water and air jet. The grounding process tunes your body to the vibrations of the earth. 
  • Grounding or earthing is process of changing the frequency to 7.83 hz which is earths frequency.  Thus the body can operate at it's optimum efficiency and all signals are clear and are being sent properly. 
  • When your body operates under 7.83 hz it can reduce or eliminate body pain, regain natural strength and balance, give you more energy, help you heal faster and aid in your quality of sleep.
  • This will allow your body to completely ignore the thousand of EMF frequencies and let them through harmlessly.
  • A grounded walk in tub may provide a unique supply of electrons that generates protective antioxidant effects against chronic inflammation caused by electromagnetic fields .
  • The first grounded walk in tub in the market !!



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